Detroit Tire Shop Paid Employees In Crack Cocaine (Video)

Once federal investigators began looking into a Detroit tire shop for counterfeiting, they ended up discovering a number of other offenses.

After investigators approached Christopher Townes about his involvement in the suspected counterfeiting scheme, they uncovered that Big C’s Tire Shop was actually paying its employees in crack cocaine.

“Word on the street was the ‘C’ stood for ‘crack cocaine,’” Kevin Dietz of local station WDIV reported.

Townes admitted that he did pay his employees in crack, and a subsequent search of his shop revealed items that would be used for counterfeiting as well as some materials that would be helpful in the drug trade, RT.com reported.

According to court papers about the case: “When asked about the drug packaging material that was discovered in his office, Townes stated that he would buy drugs to pay people to do work for him. His examples were that in return for mowing the grass or stacking the tires, Townes would pay the people in crack cocaine.”

Despite the evidence, investigators decided to pursue counterfeit charges against Townes instead of the drug charges. They apparently feel the evidence against him for counterfeiting is stronger.

A video about the story is below:

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Sources: RT.comClick On Detroit


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