Teacher Loses Job After Breaking Up Fight With A Broom (Video)

A Detroit teacher was fired this week after video of her breaking up a fight between students using a broom came to light.

The unidentified teacher thought she was doing the right thing by using a broom to break up the fight that broke out between two students in her classroom, but unbeknownst to her, her decision broke Michigan school code.

The video shows two male students fighting each other in the classroom for around 30 seconds before the teacher jumps in and attempts to stop it. She grabs a broom and hits one of the students with it on the back. That seems to momentarily end the fight, but the other student charges back towards the swatted student, and the fight continues. Ultimately, another student steps in and pulls the two fighters apart before the video abruptly ends.

Following the incident, cell phone video plainly showing the teacher hitting the students with a broom surfaced, and now, Pershing High School has fired her.

"Unfortunately, the method that she used, in terms of swatting one with a broom, is a violation of the corporal punishment provision under the Michigan school code,” said Keith Johnson, President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. “But she's caught in a quandary because under that same code she's expected to do what is necessary to diffuse a situation.”

The teacher didn’t follow the procedure that teachers are trained to follow in those situations, and unfortunately, the school was left with no choice. The two students involved in the fight were each suspended for 10 days, and one of them, Kiren Lowery, says that the teacher was one of his favorites, but he doesn’t take responsibility for her being let go. He thinks she made the wrong decision by hitting them with a broom, and school officials obviously do, too.


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