Detroit Police Open Barber Shop to Catch Illegal Gun Sellers


Law enforcement agencies sometimes go to great lengths to create an undercover identity. Federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives pulled out all of the stops by creating a barber shop as part of an undercover sting operation.

They purchased a shop in one of Detroit’s most violent neighborhoods, hired a real barber and then began purchasing illegal weapons in the back room. One undercover agent explained the elaborate barber setup “gave the business a legitimacy in the neighborhood.”

Another benefit of the barber shop was the agents were always in control of the situation because they never had to go to unfamiliar turf to catch criminals.

The barber told people they were in the gun business during haircuts. Word quickly spread, and within days of opening people would show up to the back room with firearms.

One agent explained, "Yeah, a lot of individuals would actually carry long guns up to the location — long guns, shot guns, long gun rifles — they would stick them down their pant leg and walk in with them."

The agents were not simply arresting everybody who showed up with a gun. They specifically targeted the most violent offenders “or trigger pullers, as we call them," according to one agent.

So far, dozens of guns have been pulled off the street and many of the suspects have been sent to prison. Local residents have said they notice a difference in the amount of crime in the area.

Maybe the ATF should stop worrying about tracking gun owners and start opening up business across America. This undercover sting setup apparently works, and they might even cover some of their expenses by charging for spiffy haircuts and bikini waxes. 

Source: Click on Detroit


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