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Detroit Police Officer Carries a Gun In Her Purse While Intoxicated

Deloma Stone, a 38-year-old Detroit police officer, has managed to make headlines yet again. Stone, who often finds herself in controversy, has recently been charged with possession of a firearm while under the influence for the second time.

The police officer has been a regular at the Golden Creek Bar on Eight Mile in Detroit, visiting three times just last week. According to 58-year-old bar owner Batoul Lossia, the police officer has caused a scene on each occasion.

"She was really nice, when she was sober," said the bartender. "As soon as she had a couple drinks, she couldn't handle her liquor. She should have stuck to beer and not taken shots."

The bartender also claims that Stone followed her into the bathroom and punched her in the back of her head because Stone thought that the bartender stole her cell phone. Stone returned to the bar several days later to apologize to the bartender, only to drink again and accuse the bartender of stealing her credit card which was in her back pocket.

She was eventually arrested on her third visit to the bar, when she claimed to have won the $20,000 jackpot in Keno. The police were called onto the scene and found Stone intoxicated with a .14 BAC. Upon searching her, they found her department-issued firearm in her purse and realized she was one of their own.

According to My Fox Detroit, Stone threw a brick into someone’s window after heavily drinking just last summer, when she also had her firearm in possession. Several years ago, someone broke into her home and she shot them in self-defense. Stone was also involved in a controversial domestic case that led to the eventual demotion of Commander James Moore.

She is currently suspended with pay while awaiting her pre-trial date in April. In addition to a $100 bond, Stone has officially been charged with possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol; a misdemeanor with a 93-day maximum penalty.

Sources: My Fox Detroit,Michigan Live

Photo Source: Flickr, My Fox Detroit


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