Detroit Officers Arrested In Connection to Robberies


After a slew of reports suggested that Detroit citizens were being robbed by two men posing as police officers, both robbers have now been identified as “rogue” off-duty police officers.

The supposedly fake officers wore bulletproof vests and police badges and drove a white Crown Victoria. They allegedly held up drivers pumping gas, and once even pistol-whipped a victim to get his or her cash and cell phone.

The car has become infamous for pulling over drivers, searching and robbing them.

The officers were finally identified when another officer of the Detroit Police Department, who was working on the robbery case, recognized them on Fox News 2 in photos of one robbery.

One officer is a 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department and was arrested by SWAT team members when he showed up to work. The other officer has spent 17 years at the St. Clair Shores Police Department nearby and was arrested at home.

Tony Flood, the officers’ lawyer, said that the men were not trying to take down innocent citizens, though a motive is otherwise unclear.

“This is a situation where there's more to it than what meets the eye or what's being reported,” Flood said.

While both officers were arrested, charges are pending.

Detroit police have encouraged the public to call 911 if they believe an officer — real or fake — plans to rob them.

Sources: MSN, Gawker


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