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Judge Sentences Woman To Life Without Parole For Killing Two Children

Mitchelle Blair, a mother of four from Detroit, was sentenced Friday to life imprisonment without parole for the murders of two of her children.

Blair, 36, confessed to the killings last month. She claimed that they were punishment.

“I don't feel no remorse for the death of them demons,” Blair said, according to Daily Mail.

She claimed in court that Stoni, 13, and Stephen, 9, had sexually abused another sibling, but she never saw the incident or reported it to anyone.

“If I had a chance to do it again, I would,” Blair said of the murders in court.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb challenged Blair’s claims, insisting that none of her surviving children had suffered abuse from their siblings.

“How dare you say that didn’t happen to my [child]. You weren’t there,” Blair responded, Detroit News reported.

Blair reportedly restricted her daughter, Stoni, to one meal per day. She killed the 13-year-old by strangling her with a T-shirt and suffocating her with a plastic bag, the court heard.

Stephen was strangled with a belt, according to testimony by Blair’s surviving teenage daughter.

Blair then hid both bodies in a freezer at her home. They were discovered in March.

“You imposed the death penalty on your own children,” Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway told Blair, who stated that she would have accepted the death penalty for her crimes.

Blair’s lawyer, Wyatt Harris, sought to place some of the blame on the fathers of Blair’s children. He also argued that Blair had been abused as a child.

“As a mother, one of your primary responsibilities was to protect your kids. You failed them,” Hathaway told Blair. “Nothing can be done at this point.”

A further hearing will be held later this month to determine whether Blair’s rights as a parent to her two surviving children will be removed, Daily Mail reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, Detroit News/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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