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Detroit Man Shot To Death Was Set Up, Family Believes

A 23-year-old man who died from a gunshot wound to the stomach on July 27 was responding to a request for help when the incident occurred, according to reports.

Anthony Alexander, a tow truck driver, was flagged down on the city’s west side by a woman seeking help, Fox 2 reports.

The woman reportedly indicated she had a problem with her car, but when Alexander stopped, two men suddenly appeared.

“They ambushed him and then they were struggling over his gun or one of the (other) people's guns and it shot him in the stomach,” said Lisa Jones, Alexander’s mother.

“I can't see why it happened to him,” Arianna Jones, Alexander’s cousin, said.

According to WXYZ, it remains unclear whether Alexander shot himself accidentally while trying to get his gun, or if he was shot by the other men, who appeared to be trying to rob him.

CBS Detroit reported that it was also not known whether Alexander knew his attackers. Descriptions of the suspects involved in the incident were not immediately available.

The woman who initially flagged the truck down allegedly asked a police officer something at the gas station before she left the area.

Alexander was a fun-loving and caring person, his family told Fox 2.

“He was just trying to do the right thing,” Jones said. “And he couldn't do that. He loved towing.”

Jones added that she first learned of the shooting when she saw a tow truck belonging to the family business on the evening news.

Alexander was still able to drive away in his truck, but he crashed in to a wall of the nearby gas station shortly afterwards.

He told police what happened and was rushed to hospital, but died from the injuries.

“He always loved tow trucks,” said his mother. “That was dream since from he was a little boy.”

Sources: Fox 2, CBS Detroit, WXYZ / Photo credit: Fox 2


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