Detroit To Pay $100,000 After Officer Shot Dog


A Detroit man will receive $100,000 in compensation from the city after a police officer shot and killed his dog last year.

In November 2015, the City of Detroit agreed to settle a lawsuit brought on behalf of Darryl Lindsay in U.S. District Court.

Lindsay’s French mastiff Babycakes was on her leash when police officers surrounded the house to question Lindsay in January 2015, the Detroit Free Press reports.

According to Lindsay’s lawsuit, officer Darrell Dawson “is heard notifying dispatch that the dog is on a chain and that he is going to take the dog down,” the New York Daily News reported.

Lindsay asked officers if he could take Babycakes inside to prevent her from being shot.

“Dash camera video shows Defendant Dawson walk toward Babycakes in her driveway to a position just beyond the reach of babycakes’ steel cable leash, pause, aim and shoot her twice with his department-issued … 40-calibre handgun, striking Babycakes in the chest area,” the suit added, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Evidence also revealed one of Dawson’s colleagues thought Babycakes’ death was unnecessary. A female officer was heard on the dash cam audio recording saying, “That dog got shot and had nothing to do with it!”

It has not been confirmed whether Dawson was disciplined internally for the shooting.

Dawson spoke to Babycakes’ owner afterwards.

“Oh, I had to shoot that one,” he told Lindsay, according to the Daily News.

Lindsay’s suit argued that Babycakes “presented no immediate threat” to anyone when she was shot.

“My client is very shaken by the event, obviously,” Chris Olson, Lindsay’s attorney, told the Daily News. “I believe that this was a fair settlement.”

“On top of that, police never saw or could even describe the person that they were looking for that day,” Olson told the Detroit Free Press.

The City of Detroit agreed to the $100,000 settlement in November 2015 and it is expected to be paid out in the coming weeks. Lindsay was never arrested or charged with a crime.

Sources: New York Daily News, Detroit Free Press / Ohoto credit: Lindsay Family via New York Daily News

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