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Detroit Homeowners Open Fire On Intruders in Three Separate Situations (Video)

Three different shootings happened in Detroit this week, and each one of them involved a homeowner shooting intruders as they tried to break into their homes. Two different suspects died from being shot.

On Saturday, two men broke into a home armed with a tire iron and attempted to knock the homeowner out. The homeowner quickly reacted and shot at the intruders, leaving one of them, a 21-year-old male, dead while the other got away.

Another incident happened around the same time when a woman pulled her car into her garage and was surprised to see a man with a gun standing there in front of her. She quickly sprung into action, pulled out her gun, and fatally shot the intruder.

The most talked about of the three cases, however, was caught on surveillance cameras. A woman was in her home with her children when she heard the front door being kicked in. She immediately warned the three teens attempting to break in that she had a gun and opened fire on them. One of the teens dropped a handgun as they all fled.

"I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house,” said the mom. “They said no you don't so I shot off the first round. I wasn't feeling anything at the moment, I got scared afterwards."

The three teens in this last case were all arrested shortly after the incident. Deputy Chief for Detroit Police Rodney Johnson said that all three situations came down to homeowners being pushed over the edge.

“I think it’s just a matter of the individual homeowners protecting themselves and finally catching up with the criminals in that enough is enough and they aren’t going to take it anymore,” said Johnson.

Check out video of the mother’s brave fight against the teenage intruders below.


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