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Detroit Homeowner Outsmarts Burglars With Dummies Dressed As Gang Members

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After his house was broken into and robbed several times, a Detroit man took action and placed CPR dummies dressed as gang members on his front porch to ward off future intruders.

The unidentified man declined to give his address.

“You got to go around the corner a couple of times to realize that they are dummies,” he said.

The man also installed sensor lots, a security system, double screen doors and bars on every window. He even bought to guard dogs in the hopes that the price of his home owner’s insurance will decrease.

As of recently, the insurance company has raised his payments because his neighborhood is at high risk for robbery and other crimes. According to the FBI, Detroit ranks number seven in the top 10 cities with the most break-ins.

Detroit police have applauded his safety efforts, and often stop to look at the dummies and talk with him.

Though the man knows the dummies can’t physically protect him, he hopes that his home will be better guarded against invasion.

“You may see [intruders] get past them, but once you get past them you got to deal with the problems in the house,” he said. “That's me.”

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Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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