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Detroit Cop Cleared Of Charges In Accidental Shooting Of Adaisha Miller

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The Detroit police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Adaisha Miller has been cleared of any wrongdoing, the Detroit News reports. 

Law enforcement agent Isaac Parrish was holding a party at his house on July 8, 2012, to which Miller had been invited by friends who knew the officer. While Miller was dancing at the party, she somehow ended up near the officer. Reports vary as to what Miller was doing, but the most common story was that she was hugging Parrish from behind. Parrish had his police-issued handgun on his waist, which accidentally fired and struck Miller, who died at the hospital. 

According to Fox, Miller’s family is going to continue fighting for Adaisha's justice. Gerald Thurswell, the family’s attorney, claimed that Parrish should have been held responsible for the incident.

“You don’t have a loaded gun without a safety concealed in your pants at a party where people are drinking, where people are partying, where people are dancing,” Thurswell said. 

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office, however, disagrees. 

“After [Detroit police] did an investigation, our office was presented with paperwork on this, and we conducted an independent investigation and found insufficient evidence to charge the officer,” office spokeswoman Maria Miller said. 

Although Parrish was assigned to desk duty while the investigation into his actions was underway, he was never suspended from the force. 

During the investigation, prosecutors questioned the angle of Parrish’s gun, whether he had properly secured the weapon in his waistband, and whether the police officer should have been carrying his gun at all. It was ultimately ruled that the firing of his weapon was an accident for which Parrish was not responsible. 

Still, the fact that Miller died from such an incident without her family's receiving any retribution against those responsible for her death is a travesty.

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