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DEA Raids Detroit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

(Reuters) – Federal agents executed search warrants at several Detroit area locations on Tuesday including a medical marijuana facility owned by a businessman who also owns a long-closed auto plant that has become a symbol of Detroit’s decline.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, state and local law enforcement agencies conducted the searches at offices in northwest suburban Detroit, Andrew Eiseman, group supervisor for the DEA in Detroit, said.

California, check.  Nevada, check.  Montana, check.  Michigan, check.  Because, apparently, our federal law enforcement officials don’t have “violent crimes and potential terrorism… to deal with” anymore.


Barack Obama, 2008: “When it comes to medical marijuana, I have more of a practical view than anything else,” the Senator explained. “My attitude is that if it’s an issue of doctors prescribing medical marijuana as a treatment for glaucoma or as a cancer treatment, I think that should be appropriate because there really is no difference between that and a doctor prescribing morphine or anything else. …

“What I’m not going to be doing is using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue simply because I want folks to be investigating violent crimes and potential terrorism. We’ve got a lot of things for our law enforcement officers to deal with.”

The Pacific Northwest has been spared most federal interference in their medical marijuana programs as Washington and Oregon had not engaged in very much open medical marijuana distribution for compensation.  But now with “farmer’s markets” and “cannabis clubs” and “storefront caregivers” proliferating in these states and Mr. Obama’s acquiescence (approval?) of Ms. Leonhart’s raids in now four medical marijuana states, can DEA raids in the Pacific Northwest be far behind?


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