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Detroit 911 Dispatchers Wait More Than Hour to Send Police (Video)

Two 911 dispatchers were recently suspended by Detroit Police Chief James Craig for delays of more than an hour, one which resulted in death.

Chief Craig wants criminal charges against a 911 dispatcher who did not immediately send police to a conflict (video below).

According to My Fox Detroit, an unidentified woman called 911 six times, but the dispatcher waited more than an hour to send police officers, who later found the woman shot by an unidentified man with an AK-47.

Another incident included a woman who was stabbed to death after a call was made to 911 and police didn't arrive for 90 minutes. That 911 dispatcher has been charged with misconduct.

Chief Craig also demoted Commander Todd Bettison, who was in charge of the Detroit Police Communications Center, to the rank of inspector.

"Status quo, complacency, mediocrity will not be accepted. We're in the business of saving lives and certainly our inaction if it results in critical injury and death is problematic and unacceptable," said Chief Craig.

Source: My Fox Detroit


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