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Detroit 16-Year-Old Dead After a Game of Russian Roulette

A 16-year-old boy was fatally shot while playing Russian roulette with other teens on Tuesday, police said.

Investigators believe that, with one bullet loaded in the gun, the chamber was spun, the 16-year-old aimed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger.

"You have a group of teenagers together and for whatever reason they decide to start playing with a weapon, you know that's an element for disaster," Detroit Police Lt. Dwayne Blackmon told WXYZ.

A relative, Delang Foutener, identified the victim as Antonio O’Neill. "It's a tragedy, a freak accident," Foutener said.

Witnesses said there were several people in the east side home at the time of the shooting. One 15-year-old boy, who was with O’Neill, allegedly took off with the gun when the shooting occurred. A trail of bullets lead out of the front door of the home. He later turned the weapon in to police.

His cousin Meda Winfield said, "He was a very good kid, and, I guess, he just got into the hand of the wrong crowd.”

Winfield said O’Neill’s mother believed that the boy was in school at the time of the shooting.

O'Neill's friend returned to the scene later that day and was taken in for questioning. Police did not indicated where the boys obtained a gun or who it belonged to.

"His mom is down there just, you know, she's hurt," Winfield said. "What mom wouldn't be, to get called from work, and to know that I'm thinking my son's at school, and now he's dead."

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