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Detective Ronald DePellegrin Goes Too Far In Prostitute Investigation

Pennsylvania Detective Ronald DePellegrin took his undercover work a little too seriously while trying to arrest 26-year-old Diana Gross on four prostitution charges.

During the course of his “investigation” into Gross, DePellegrin disrobed, allowed her to place a condom on him, and then engaged in sexual activity with the young woman before announcing that, “the cops were coming.”

According to a criminal complaint, Gross posted an ad on that read: “By the end of your session with me Your once wished fantasys will no longer just be dreams But finally your reality!”

After reading the ad, DePellegrin, 48, called the number and arranged a $145 half-hour session with “Beckie” aka Gross. He purchased baby wipes, condoms and went to her apartment, The Smoking Gun reports.

This is what DePellegrin says happened after entered he the prostitute’s bedroom: “Beckie asked me if I was a cop. I told her no and asked her if she was one. She told me no.” After that “[she] asked me if she could grab me. At this she grabbed my groin. Beckie took a condom and placed it on me.”

It didn’t stop there.

“Beckie started to perform oral sex on me when I said oh [expletive] the cops are coming. Beckie stopped performing the act and looked out the window.” At that point, DePellegrin announced that he was a cop and that Gross was under arrest.

Gross’s lawyer, Michael Waltman, said that DePellegrin’s actions were “outrageous,” and that a civil rights lawsuit is a possibility.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, MSN Now


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