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Husband Gives Interview About Abduction Of Wife

The husband of a California woman who went missing for three weeks in early November has given an interview to ABC about the ordeal which will air Dec. 2. This comes in the midst of new reports that she was kidnapped by sex traffickers. 

Some comments made by Keith Papini were released to the media in advance, according to Daily Mail.

Keith described what it was like when he found out his wife Sherri was missing and how they were reunited.

Sherri vanished while out jogging Nov. 2. She has described two Hispanic women with a handgun who she alleges were responsible for her kidnapping.

Sherri was found chained up at the side of the road approximately 150 miles away from her home on Thanksgiving morning. She was able to get someone to stop even though she had a bag over her head and her wrists were chained.

“She screamed so much, she’s coughing up blood from the screaming trying to get somebody to stop,” Keith said in the ABC interview, the Mail reported.

“And again just another sign of how my wife is, she’s so wonderful. She’s saying, ‘Well maybe people aren’t stopping because I have a chain that looks like I broke out of prison’ so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes,” he added.

Police officers investigating the crime said Sherri was “cooperative and courageous” during questioning. Sherri told them one of her captors was a younger woman with long curly hair, pierced ears and thin eyebrows. The older woman had straight black hair and thick eyebrows.

“We still do not have a motive,” added Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, according to SF Gate. “We don’t know if she was a specific target or if this was a random abduction.”

Sherri was kept chained whenever she was in a vehicle. She was beaten and even branded with a “message” on her skin.

Bosenko was pressed on whether Sherri had any ideas about why she was taken.

“The victim may not know the reason why, so we don't know, at this stage of the investigation, the reason or a motive,” said Bosenko, according to the Mail.

Private detective Bill Garcia alleged to Today that Sherri’s injuries suggested she was a victim of sex trafficking, but the official investigation has not suggested this.

On Nov. 29, Keith released a statement to ABC detailing the moment he saw Sherri in hospital.

“Her now emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings,” he said.

He thanked the thousands of people who had supported the family.

Sources: Daily Mail, SF Gate/ photo credit: Daily Mail

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