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Details Emerge On The Possible Reason For The Massacre Of A Family Of 8

Investigators in Peebles, Ohio, reportedly determined the reason behind the horrific massacre of a family of eight.

The bodies of the the family were found in four different homes following a series of "execution-style" killings, leading authorities to believe that there was more than one shooter. 

"I've served locally for 20 years in law enforcement, and never have I ever imagined such devastation to a family, to a county, to myself or staff," Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader told WCPO.

The victims were seven adults and a 16-year-old boy. 

One of the victims, 20-year-old Frankie Rhoden, was believed to have been subject to jealously over his $3,000 demolition derby car — leading many to believe that the car might have been a motive in the massacre. 

“Some of us have been talking about the jealousy that Frankie had faced over his car,” Johnny Gambill said, the Daily Mail reported. “It was worth more than $3,000 and that made some people jealous around Piketon.”

Gambill, a Rhoden family relative by marriage, said there was “no reason” for the killings to occur, given the fact that the family is peaceful and was not involved in anything crime-related. 

“The whole thing is so shocking and if the car was the reason then that is so disgusting and incredible. But there were people jealous about him and his car,” he said. 

Other family members expressed similar shock regarding the killing.

“They’d just do anything for anyone,” Donna Musser, a cousin of victim Dana Rhoden, told the Columbus Dispatch. “To think that anyone would have a grudge against them is just unbelievable.” 

“[This is] very out of character for our community, but with the ways of the world, the way things are going, I guess maybe we shouldn’t be surprised,” local church pastor Phil Fulton told WCPO. 

“But we are. This is so tragic.”

Authorities have identified the victims as Frankie Rhoden, his 20-year-old fiancee Hannah Hazel Gilley, 19-year-old Hanna May Rhoden, 37-year-old Dana Lynn Rhoden, 16-year-old Chris Roden, Jr., 40-year-old Chris Rhoden, Sr., 38-year-old Gary Rhoden, and 44-year-old Kenneth Rhoden.


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