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Details Emerge About Parents Who Abandoned Infant Son In Thailand

New details have come to light about the parents who abandoned their newborn son with Down syndrome while taking his healthy twin sister home.

In case you aren’t familiar with the case, here’s a rundown.

David and Wendy Farnell used a surrogate mother in Thailand to carry and give birth to twin children. The babies were born two months premature, and one of them had Down syndrome. The children’s legal mother, Wendy Farnell, made the curious decision to use different last names on the child’s birth certificates. For the daughter, she used her maiden name. For the son with Downs, she used her married name. Soon after, the Farnells left Thailand with only their daughter, leaving the disabled son behind.

The Farnells initially tried to claim they weren’t even aware of the existence of the son, named Gammy. When it was proven that they did know of Gammy, the couple claimed they were told by doctors he was going to die within a day. The Western Australia Department of Child Protection is now involved in the case, the Bunbury Mail reports, while the children’s surrogate mother has vowed to care for Gammy.

But what about Wendy Farnell’s decision to use different last names for the children? We now know why she did it.

Her husband, David Farnell, is reportedly a sex offender. He apparently served several years in jail for molesting three girls under the age of 13 in the early ‘90’s. Wendy Farnell used her maiden name for the daughter in order to prevent Australian authorities from discovering that a sex offender would be raising the child. She used her married name for Gammy, it appears, because the couple never had intentions of bringing him back to Australia.

In light of David Farnell’s criminal past, the children’s surrogate mother, Pattaramon Chanbua, wants to gain custody of both infants. As stated before, she is already caring for Gammy.

“If the father is an offender, I want my daughter back,” Ms. Pattaramon said. “I am very worried about my baby girl. I need help from anyone who can bring my girl back to me as soon as possible... this news make me sick. I will take care of my twin babies.”

Gammy remains sick at Sriracha Hospital in the Chonburi province of south-eastern Thailand. Sympathetic supporters around the world have donated over $200,000 to finance his treatments.

The Western Australia Department of Child Protection has scheduled a meeting with the Farnells. In the meantime, Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has called Ms. Pattaramon a “saint” and an “absolute hero” for her care of Gammy.

Sources: Bunbury Mail


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