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Destanie Leeson Accidentally Shot, Killed by 1891 Rifle (Video)

Destanie Leeson was accidentally shot and killed by an 1891 rifle in an apartment in Midwest City, Okla., on Saturday night.

Leeson was painting her nails with a friend at a neighbor’s apartment. Leeson’s friend said the rifle fell, hit the wall and shot the young woman in the back.

“My friend ran in yelling, freaking out, repeating himself, ‘I just shot her, I shot her, I accidentally shot her.’ I walked in, and just froze. I rolled her over on to her back, started saying ‘Baby, just stay with me,’” Leeson’s fiancé Dalton Wilson told (video below).

“She got up off the couch and walked across, and within 10 minutes she’s dead. I heard a pop and I ran over there and my baby was laying back. I blew in her mouth. I heard gurgling. I thought she was breathing,” said Leeson’s mother Robyn Williams.

“I just don't believe she’s gone, and even though I know it was an accident. I got on my hands and knees and I asked God to please, please spare my baby.”



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