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Despite Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Game Maker Ed Carter Loses Home

It appears that a successful Kickstarter campaign does not always indicate that a company will end up on top. After launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new version of his company’s card game, Glory to Rome, Ed Carter was able to raise $73,000 even though he was only hoping for $21,000 in funding. Then things went south.

Carter’s head of operations, who spoke Chinese and could communicate with the company producing the games, quit.

According to Quartz:

Small mistakes compounded his woes: It hadn’t occurred to Carter to add "no step" to the shipping documentation, which would have told handlers not to put anything heavy on top of the fragile game boxes. Stacking one pallet on top of another crushed them. Free shipping eventually came back to haunt him: Large orders to countries like the US were fine, as were a couple of boxes to Brazil, but sending 100 games to Australia meant fat expenses but not enough to benefit from economies of scale.

Carter's regular career went by the wayside. He was let go from his job and had to pour his savings into producing the game — an investment that did not turn out well, Yahoo News reported. He stopped making mortgage payments and lost his Boston-area home.

At least he is happy with how the game ended up.

"I’m doing this because the corporate world is one of the best games ever invented,” Carter said. ”In the middle of the hell, there were plenty of times when I wished I hadn’t kicked it off. But given where it’s landed, I learned stuff. And the game itself is beautiful."

Glory to Rome has earned strong reviews online. wrote, "The new Black Box edition offers better and more attractive components and also offers a variant gameplay that I think is an improvement. The result is a terrific game."

Sources: Yahoo News, Quartz


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