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Despite Promise, Trump Has Not Resigned From Companies

One week before officially moving into the Oval Office, President Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, said that they would relinquish control of all companies branded in his likeness. Despite the pair reportedly signing documents handing control over to others and placing relevant Trump entities into a family trust, state officials said that they have not received the paperwork as of Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20.

In order to transfer ownership of his main companies, Trump needs to file a series of documents in Florida, New York and Delaware. ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit investigative journalism source, reports that those documents were never sent, while New York's Department of State has not received any new business filings for the president's main holding company, Trump Organization LCC.

There have been no changes to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, to which the president said he would put an end, while Ivanka Trump remains the listed authorized officer for two facets of the Old Post Office, a Trump hotel in Washington, D.C.

"My two sons … Don and Eric, are going to be running the company," the president said at a press conference one week before his inauguration, according to The New York Times. "They are going to be running it in a very professional manner. They're not going to discuss it with me. Again, I don't have to do this. They're not going to discuss it with me. … These papers are just some of the many documents that I've signed turning over complete and total control to my sons."

At that press conference, Trump and his attorneys detailed the steps he would take in an effort to avoid any potential monetary conflicts of interest.

"President-elect Trump as well as [the companies' new leaders] are committed to ensuring that the activities of the Trump organization are beyond reproach and cannot be perceived to be exploitive of the office of the presidency," said Trump attorney Sheri Dillon. "President-elect Trump will resign from all officer and other positions he holds with the Trump Organization entities."

But Delaware officials told ProPublica that they had not received filings related to the Old Post Office or the Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C., within the last year, while Florida officials said the same of Trump's main businesses there: the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, the Mar-A-Lago Club, and DJT Holdings.

Sources: ProPublica, The New York Times / Photo credit: Donald J. Trump/Twitter

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