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13 Children Rescued From Captivity To Be Separated

13 Children Rescued From Captivity To Be Separated Promo Image

The 13 siblings who were rescued after being held captive at a California home are being separated into two foster homes.

David Turpin, 57, and his wife, Louise Turpin, 49, were accused of starving, torturing and shackling their own children to their beds, the Daily Mail reported.

The victims, who are aged 2 to 29, have been placed in state custody. The seven adult victims have developmental issues and will be sent to an assisted living facility for special care, CBS News reported. The younger children will be split into two groups.

The rescue mission was initiated after one of the children -- a 17-year-old girl -- escaped from the home and called police on Jan. 14, ABC News reported. David was getting ready to move the family to Oklahoma after being approved for a job transfer with defense contractor Northrop Grumman.

"There were boxes in the house consistent with moving -- concentrated in hallways, entryway and bedrooms," an unidentified source told ABC News.

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Police arrived at the home and arrested the parents. The 13 children were hospitalized and placed in state custody.

The Turpin parents have since pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Those charges consist of 40 counts including torture, abuse on a dependent, false imprisonment and child abuse, CBS News reported.

The Turpin father is also facing a charge of lewd act on a child under 14. The couple denied the charges despite evidence in the home indicating that they kept their children locked in their rooms and chained to beds. It is also believed that the parents only allowed them to shower no more than once a year.

The 29-year-old victim weighed just 82 pounds and was allegedly taunted with slices of pie. Prosecutors said the children were beaten and restrained with ropes.

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"These defendants eventually began using chains and padlocks to chain up the victims to their bed," Riverside District Attorney Mike Hestrin said in a statement. "These punishments would last months at a time."

The children had reportedly not received medical attention in years and had never seen a dentist. Workers say they expect the victims will struggle to adjust to society.

"They lack a basic knowledge of life," Hestrin added. "Many of the children didn't know what a police officer was."

David Turpin's lawyer, David Macher, has since spoken out on behalf of his clients.

"What we would like the public to know is that our clients are presumed to be innocent and that’s a very important presumption," Macher said. "We’re going to provide a vigorous defense."

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News, ABC News / Featured Image: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail

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