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Despite High Divorce Rate, Religious Right Wants to 'Protect Marriage from Gays'

Right-wing Christian conservatives are always talking about how they want to "defend marriage" by opposing the rights and abilities of gay men and women to marry the partner they love.

Newt Gingrich, three times married and would-be President of the U.S., wishes to "defend" marriage against gays who are just wishing to marry one time. Well, ironically, the group of Americans who most oppose this right for American citizens who happen to be gay, are the group of Americans most likely to divorce!

That's right: 27% of all born-again Christians have been divorced at least once, versus 24% of all Americans. What religious related group had the lowest rate? Well, it seems to be atheists. Atheists had a rate of 21% being divorced at least once. Now, if Christian fundamentalism led to support of "traditional marriage," as they like to say, shouldn't they have a lower divorce rate?

Who are they trying to "protect" marriage from?


Remember, 27% of Americans in the South and the MidWest (the first and second most religious parts of the U.S.) were divorced at least once, next to the 19% figure of the much more secular and less religious Northeast and Northwest regions of our nation.

Who would have thought that marriages built on a foundation of women being subservient to their husbands, would not make for strong foundations for marriages? But, these are the would be experts on marriage, of course.


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