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Kansas Mother Shot, Police Search For Missing Newborn

Two tragedies unfurled on Nov. 17, when a Kansas man came home to find his girlfriend shot dead and realized that their newborn daughter was nowhere to be found.

Local police and the FBI are investigating the shooting of 27-year-old Laura Abarca-Nogueda and the disappearance of her daughter, Sophia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca, that happened sometime that afternoon in Wichita, Kansas, reports KSNW.

"We have no information," Police Chief Gordon Ramsay told KSN on Nov. 18. "That's why I'm here, just pleading for information. No tip is too small. Any tip is helpful."

Police have not issued an Amber Alert but are continuing to investigate the case with the assumption that the infant is in danger.

"Regarding the current situation, we have specific criteria that must be met before an Amber Alert is issued," KBI, who is responsible for the widely-distributed notifications, told KSNW. "We are awaiting confirmation on pertinent details to determine whether an alert can be issued in this instance. Please stay posted in case an alert is issued."

Amber Alerts require a suspect in order to be issued, but officers do not yet know who they are looking for, notes KWCH. They were initially pursuing a purple 1997 Cadillac but say that it is no longer of interest in the case. However, if they identify a suspect, they said that they would issue an alert "immediately."

In the meantime, officers have searched the neighborhood, looking for any leads.

"We've contacted everybody around here," said Wichita Police Department's Sgt. Nikki Woodrow, according to KNSW. "Everybody knows what's going on obviously. We've knocked on doors, looked for little Sofia around here so there's no safety concerns around here."

Officers have labeled the death as suspicious but say that there is no ongoing safety risk, though some neighbors said that they were too afraid to leave their houses following the news, notes KWCH.

"I just feel horrible for them because she's only six days old," one neighbor said. "As a parent, I just love my baby so much, I can't imagine."

Sources: KWCH, KSN / Photo credit: KSN

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