Designer Tom Ford's "Penis Pendant Necklace" Causing Controversy Online


A fashion designer is being slammed with criticism after unleashing a brand new necklace that looks like a penis.

The “penis pendant necklace” sells on designer Tom Ford’s website for $790 and is made from either silver or 18-karat white gold. Ford isn’t trying to hide the fact that the necklace is made to look like male genitals, but some people think it too closely resembles a Christian cross.

“How dare you use a phallic symbol in the Christian cross! You insulting piece of trash! HOW DARE YOU!” wrote offended Twitter user Kevlyn Hall.

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“Just in time for Christmas, a way to say ‘screw Christ,’ the savior of the world. This is sick. Just sick,” Twitter user Susan Swift wrote.

The necklace is reportedly being marketed as a “kinky Christmas present,” according to the International Business Times, and the phallic shape that bears a resemblance to a cross pendant has many people up in arms.

Do you think Tom Ford has gone too far with his penis necklace?

Sources:Daily Mail, The Kansas City Star, International Business Times / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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