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Derek Diedricksen Sells Home for $1,200, Just Don't Expect Much Space

Carpenter Derek Diedricksen may have just put up for sale the most affordable home ever, at a price tag of $1,200.

But the person who buys it better not expect to be able to move around in it much, as it is just 32 square feet with a roof height of 5’10”.

It’s called the Gypsy Junker, and Diedricksen built it three years ago out of shipping pallets, castoff storm windows and discarded kitchen cabinets.

Though it might not look too sturdy, it’s quite durable, surviving two hurricanes in the three years it’s been standing.

It has three windows, weighs 800 pounds and has a sleep platform that doubles as a desk.

While the home has wheels, it will need to be moved via a flatbed trailer when someone buys it.

He originally built it for his Tiny Yellow House Program and is having difficulty letting it go.

“I actually don’t want to part with this so much, but my yard is so small, and I need to make way for a few new micro-architecture projects I’m working on (houseboat, tiny house on wheels), and another one or two that I’d like to start soon,” he said.

“The money from this sale will be channeled directly into those projects. It also took an insanely long time to build this, and more so find the needed materials, one piece at a time, so I think the price is far more than fair, considering.”

He built it in his backyard, and has previously built portable shelters ranging from four to 32 square feet.

“I’ve always been obsessed with tiny architecture. For my 10th birthday, my father gave me a book, ‘Tiny Houses,’ by Lester Walker, an architect,” he said.

It was during that time that he built his first shed and later built forts and tree houses.

The smallest structure he ever built was inspired by challenging himself to spend less than $100.

There are many uses for the items in the house he is selling. Of one window, he said it could be used to allow in light, but also could be used for storage or “a horizontal terrarium.”

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