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Deputy Shoots Her Finger While Trying To Kill A Dog (Video)

Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy Monica Bray was caught on her body camera (video below) shooting her finger while firing at a dog in Hudson, Florida, on Nov. 26.

Several deputies, including Bray, approached a so-called "homeless camp" on a call about a pit bull attack, notes Bay 9 News.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Amy Marinec said the victim of the attack "sustained some pretty serious injuries" that required hospitalization, reports New Port Richey Patch.

In the video, Bray is seen approaching the camp, and the growling dog appears in the distance. She warns the pooch: "Better stay there, brother."

However, the growling dog comes after Bray, knocks her to the ground and they end up wrestling until she fires her gun.

"Shot my f******* finger off," Bray tells a fellow deputy. "I just shot my finger."

The other deputy wants to look at the wound, but Bray says, "I don’t want to look at it."

Jim Ames, a witness who knows the dog's owner, told Bay 9 News: "The dog just kept coming. There was nothing you could do."

Ames recalled that the owner usually keeps the canine on a leash:

If she's sleeping or something like that it's a protect dog, if she's awake or anything it’s the most docile dog.

It really hurt her because it was a rescue dog to begin with and it was her protection in case somebody came in during the night or anything like that.

I can't find fault with the Pasco County Sheriff Department at all.

The dog's owner posted a video on Facebook in which she wept and yelled: "Why don’t you put him out of his misery? You let him suffer like that," according to WFLA.

The dog did not survive.

The sheriff's department said Bray was treated at a local hospital for her non-life threatening injuries, reports New Port Richey Patch.


Sources: Bay News 9, WFLA, New Port Richey Patch / Photo Credit: Pasco County Sheriff's Office/YouTube

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