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Deputy Says Sheriff Fired Him for Whistleblowing on Sheriff (Video)

J.T. Shaw claims that Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman fired him from his deputy job in retaliation for being a whistleblower on Sheriff Kinman.

However, the Kentucky sheriff says that Shaw was fired because of insubordination and unexcused absences, which Shaw denies.

"That's absolutely bogus," Shaw told WLKY (video below). "That's absolutely not true. I'm absolutely denying that."

"I figured that [Sheriff Kinman] would [fire me] because of all the other retaliatory acts he's taken against me," added Shaw.

Shaw recently testified before a grand jury that Sheriff Kinman allegedly planted some drugs in another deputy's car. Sheriff Kinman was indicted on Monday on charges of misconduct and tampering with evidence.

Sheriff Kinman's lawyer, Jeff Mando, countered that Shaw was terminated for "multiple unexcused absences from work and insubordination" but didn't give any details on the claims.

Shaw has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Sheriff Kinman and the county.

In his lawsuit, Shaw claims that after he notified state police of Sheriff Kinman's alleged crimes in August, he was given bad shifts and sent on absurd assignments, noted The Free Thought Project.

Shaw denies that he was ever written up by Sheriff Kinman for absences or insubordination before being fired.

Local voters re-elected Sheriff Kinman earlier this month.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, WLKY


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