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Deputy Says He'll 'Create Something' To Jail Black Man (Video)

Duncan Hicks, an African-American man, filmed a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy threatening to "create something" to arrest him with on Jan. 27 inside a sheriff’s station in Victorville, California (video below).

"I went there to file a complaint and get an incident report filled out," Hicks told the San Bernardino Sun. "The deputy and the woman at the desk were rude and irritated. They refused to even help me and kicked me out, telling me I had to leave."

Hicks recalled that he was rebuffed about his incident report questions, walked outside the station, got into his car, but decided to go back inside and make another request while filming with his cell phone.

In the video, Hicks asks a female clerk why his explanation in the report isn't complete.

"That's what the deputy put in," the clerk responds.

Hicks asks for the deputy's badge number and his card.

Moments later, the deputy approaches Hicks, who tells the deputy: "This is not explaining the incident, sir."

The deputy replies: "Duncan, you know what man, I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail, just so you know."

Hicks asks why he is going to jail, and the deputy says: "I’ll create something. Do you understand? You’ll go to jail. Do you understand that?"

The deputy asserts that Hicks is illegally filming him without his knowledge. The clerk tells Hicks to step away from her window.

According to Hicks, a sergeant told him that the "deputy was probably having a bad day."

"If he did this when he was having a bad day, what’s he capable of doing when he’s having a terrible day," Hicks told the newspaper. "I’d like to see them both fired."

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon released a written statement about the incident:

Since viewing the video, our employees’ response to the citizen is not consistent with my expectation of customer service. Additionally, the deputy’s responses are not consistent with the interpretation of the law.

As a result, we are conducting an administrative investigation into this incident, and the four other previous contacts with the citizen to ensure all previous contacts were professionally handled.

McMahon added that when the investigation is complete, "appropriate action will be taken."

"There’s nothing posted anywhere that says no photography," sheriff’s station spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez told the San Bernardino Sun. "Our station is a public facility, and there is no rule preventing one from recording video or taking photographs in our lobby."

"He was very disrespectful, very rude to me," Hicks told KCBS: "I was shocked. I didn't do nothing wrong. I am a law-abiding citizen."

Sources: San Bernardino Sun, KCBS, Duncan Hicks via YouTube / Photo credit: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department/Facebook

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