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Deputy Kills Army Sergeant During Medical Emergency Call (Video)

U.S. Army Sergeant Nicholas McGehee was shot and killed by a Tooele County deputy in Stansbury Park, Utah, at about 4 a.m. on Sunday.

The incident began when McGehee accidentally stepped on some broken glass and his wife called 911.

“The information we had is that a gentleman had cut himself rather severely,” Tooele County Sheriff Frank Park told Good 4 Utah (video below).

A Sheriff's deputy and an Utah Highway Patrol Trooper answered the call.

The deputy and the trooper looked inside a window and claim to have seen McGehee carrying a shotgun. McGehee's wife reportedly walked out of the home and was escorted to another area by the officers.

McGehee allegedly walked to the front door with his shotgun, slammed the door, went back inside, but later came outside holding a handgun, noted KSL.

"The deputy told him two or three times to put the gun down, the gentleman pointed the gun at the deputy, and at that time, the deputy turned fire, shooting the individual,” added Sheriff Park. "He may have been intoxicated, but that's still under investigation. We don't know for sure.”

McGehee served two tours of duty in Iraq and was awarded the Purple Heart.

The Utah Department of Public Safety's Bureau of Investigations is investigating the shooting, which took neighbors by surprise as they couldn't see McGehee posing a threat.

The officer who shot McGehee was wearing a body camera, but chose not to turn it on.

Sources: KSL, Good 4 Utah
Image Credit: Good 4 Utah Screenshot


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