Cop Gets Drunk And Shoots At Church (Video)

A deputy in Texas was fired after he allegedly aimed and shot his gun at a church while intoxicated in response to the July 7 Dallas police shootings. 

William Cox, 27, a Sommervell County sheriff’s deputy, was drunk when he allegedly began firing at the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church from the church's parking lot, KDFW reports.

Officers with the Ovilla Police Department responded to a 911 call about the incident. One of the officer's body cams reportedly reveals that Cox can be heard telling the officer he fired the shots because is "boys are getting killed in Dallas," and added "the black c--n started killing" his boys.

Cox admitted to being drunk and firing his weapon. Ovilla officers arrested Cox for deadly conduct, but decided not to prosecute since the church pastor claims he is dropping charges in a bid to 'forgive' Cox. 

However, Cox has already been fired from his job, and the Ellis County district attorney, Patrick Wilson, is irate at what he perceives as special treatment for Cox. Wilson is launching his own investigation.  

“Here’s another former Ellis County Sheriff’s Office currently working in a different sheriff’s department when he was booked into your jail," Wilson explained. "Here’s the chief of the Maypearl Police Department who was arrested and booked into your jail. All of their damn pictures are on your system."

Law enforcement does not need a complainant to prosecute, so Ovilla police could charge Cox even without the pastor's official complaint.  

“This, in my mind, is a tremendous abuse of that discretion. And in today's climate, it’s inexcusable,” said Wilson. “I cannot understand how these facts escape the narrative of favoritism.”

“The criticism being lobbed against law enforcement and the criminal justice community in general in our community and our society today the foundation of that criticism is what’s illustrated in this case,” Wilson continued. “And that is favoritism that some people in the criminal justice system get treated differently. How can I dispel that narrative when these facts completely support that?”  

Sources: KDFW / Photo Credit: KDFW

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