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Deputy Enters Home, Arrests Man, Won't Say Why (Video)

Donrell Breaux was recently arrested inside his home in River Ridge, La.

A video (below) of the arrest has gone viral on the web and is raising questions.

An unidentified person filmed the encounter which begins with a Jefferson Parish County Sheriff's Deputy entering Breaux's home.

"I think one of the neighbors called them because we was cussing and cutting up on the porch," Breaux told WDSU.

On the video, Breaux repeatedly asks the deputy why he is being arrested.

"I don't answer to you, you answer to me" responded the deputy, who also told the person who was filming the arrest to stop and get out.

The deputy also refuses to identify himself.

“Please don’t shoot me, Sir! Please don’t shoot me!” yells Breaux when the deputy reaches for his gun, reports

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Col. John Fortunato, the deputy was responding to a complaint by a neighbor who was offended by profanity used by Breaux.

The neighbor also suspected marijuana use. When the deputy arrived, he reportedly smelled marijuana smoke.

Col. Fortunato also claims the deputy did explain why he was arresting Breaux on the video, which seems to contradict reality.

"As the officer followed him into the doorway with his handcuffs in hand, Breaux attempted to close the door on the officer. The officer continued into the home where a brief struggle ensued,"  Col. Fortunato told WDSU. "The officer did in fact tell the suspect he was under arrest for resisting an officer, as indicated in the video. Breaux was eventually placed in handcuffs and taken into custody."

However, Breaux was not charged for any drug violations, but rather resisting arrest, battery of a law enforcement officer and disturbing the peace.

Sources: and WDSU


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