Doughnut Bakery Gives A Gift To Honor Fallen Officer

David Wisniewski, a deputy with  Coweta County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia, died from pancreatic cancer on Sept. 21. He was 50 years old.

When his co-workers ordered some doughnuts in his honor, they turned out to be more than just a police officer cliche, reports Little Things.

When they went to pick up the blue-colored doughnuts emblazoned with Deputy Wisniewski’s badge number, they were surprised to find a note attached to the top of the box. In addition to the standard information detailing the flavors and number of doughnuts included, at the bottom of the note was a message that said, “No charge.”

The bakery’s gesture is just one of many examples of solidarity with police that have taken place in communities across the U.S. since the July 7 sniper shootings of law enforcement officers in Dallas.

Many people have also shown their support for police by putting up blue ribbons, or by placing blue bulbs in their front porch lights -- a practice that actually dates back to 1989, according to the organization Concerns of Police Survivors.

Whether it’s blue ribbons, blue lights or blue doughnuts, the purpose is to “show support for local and national law enforcement officers throughout the country,” in the words of the website Sun Gazing. “ It conveys “a message of respect and solidarity with officers and their families, as well as helped to raise awareness and get people to stop and think about what it all means.”

Wisniewski continued to work even after being diagnosed with cancer, taking a job as a security guard for a county court in Georgia.

“Dave enjoyed the 16 years he spent at the Coweta County Sheriff’s department,” notes his obituary in The Newnan Times-Herald. “He was a licensed pilot and enjoyed his time flying. He also found great joy in spending time with family and friends.”

His engaging personality is evident in a video shared by the Coweta Country Sherrif’s Office of Wisniewski dancing in an office while holding a piece of cake on a paper plate, observes Little Things.

Sources: Little Things, Sun Gazing, The Newnan Times-Herald / Photo credit: McCoon Funeral Home

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