Deputy Attorney Mike Massee’s 2 Unleashed Dogs Bite Woman, He Says Charges are ‘Selective Enforcement’


Mike Massee, Deputy Attorney for the City of Nogales, Arizona, was found responsible by a Nogales Justice Court for his two unleashed dogs biting a woman.

Massee, also serves as the town attorney for Patagonia. He was fined a total of $201 for the offenses, according to court documents. This was the second time since 2012 that Massee has been found responsible for incidents involving his dogs being unleashed.

The victim in the most recent attack was jogging along Duquesne Road on Feb. 19 when she was attacked and bitten by two dogs owned by Massee, court records report. The woman reportedly “suffered multiple bite wounds during the attack and was taken to the hospital to treat them.”

Massee was charged for his failure to control his dogs. Following his conviction on Sept. 18, Massee filed notice of his intent to appeal.

Massee is accusing the County Attorney’s Office “selective enforcement. Although he had not yet filed a supporting memorandum as of Friday, in earlier court filings, he accused the County Attorney’s Office of selective enforcement, claiming that it usually drops criminal charges in cases like this, if the defendant agrees to pay restitution.

Source: Nogales International


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