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Texas Deputy Accused Of Filming Sex Act With Dog (Video)

Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. has been accused of a bizarre crime involving an animal, and posting it online (video below).

Dane Schiller, a spokesperson for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said: "The allegation involves production of obscene material that includes sexual contact with a dog," notes KPRC.

The sheriff department's tech crime unit was contacted regarding obscene content coming from a Harris County account, notes KTRK.

Sustaita was reportedly identified as a suspect, charged with obscenity, and fired.

"The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a sheriff's office employee is found to be involved," Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated. "Every resource of this office will be dedicated to protecting the public and holding our employees accountable for wrongdoing."

Sustaita's dad said he was devastated by the news.

Sustaita's LinkedIn profile lists him as a former U.S. Army specialist, and as a former employee of the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office.

An unidentified source told KTRK that Sustaita is an honorable and committed family man, which didn't sit well with The Free Thought Project:

Despite the heinous crime of which he is allegedly responsible, many mainstream media sources felt the need to mention that they interviewed one of his friends who told them that he was "an honorable and committed family man."

Would a news source ever consider printing such a thing about a person filming themselves having sex with a dog if the suspect did not work for the government in the capacity of a police officer?

When cops kill innocent people, local news stations, with the help of police, are quick to dredge up whatever mistakes they’ve made in the past to assassinate that person’s character in an attempt to downplay the killing. The glaring difference is insulting, to say the least.

Sources: KTRK, KPRC, The Free Thought Project / Photo credit: LinkedIn via KTRK

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