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Deputies Save Puppy Trapped Down Well

Jose Ortega-Cevallos and his family recently welcomed a litter of puppies into their lives, but he noticed something was wrong when he went to retrieve the dogs from a romp in the yard — one of the pups was missing, but Ortega-Cevallos could hear him whining. 

It turns out the puppy had slipped beneath a concrete slab into an old well in the house in Greensburg, Louisiana. Ortega-Cevallos and his father-in-law worked for nearly an hour to free him, but after they stopped hearing the puppy’s cries, the family called the St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office, The Advocate reported.

Sgt. George Baker tried to shimmy into the hole, but he couldn’t fit, so he called and asked Deputy Thomas Gordon to help. 

“I was the only one who could fit under the concrete, and being a dog lover myself, I felt really bad that puppy had to experience that, and when I saw him laying there helpless, I could do nothing but risk myself to climb in that hole and save him,” Gordon said.

Gordon used a lasso to pull the puppy out to safety. 

“The only deputies that were on call that day came to help. They came in with their uniforms all nice and crisp and left covered in mud. There is no way we would have been able to rescue the puppy without them. We are so grateful to our deputies and reaffirm our decision to move to Greensburg,” said Magaly, Ortega-Cevallos’ wife.

The family praised the deputies for rescuing the puppy, which has since been named Lucky.

“I feel appreciated, but it’s my job. It’s not something that I think I did outside of my normal performances every day. We don’t want to do anything but help out the community,” Baker said.

As it turns out, Baker has a history of rescuing dogs. In 2014, he adopted a dog bound for the shelter, who was later trained to be a drug-sniffing dog, WBRZ reported.

Sources: WBRZ, The Advocate / Photo credit: Sgt. George Baker via The Advocate


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