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Deputies Lure Dog Out Of Owners' Yard, Shoot It Dead (Video)

El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies were caught on their own body cam videos (below) trying to lure a dog out of its fenced-in yard, and killing the pooch in Horizon City, Texas, on May 16.

According to the deputies, they were forced to kill the animal after being called in to assist Animal Control officers, notes KTSM.

The deputies had been called to a neighborhood on reports of a roaming, aggressive dog, but the dog they killed, Zeus, was not that dog, according to the dog’s owners, Billy Lopez and Eliza Silva, as well as neighbors.

Lopez told KFOX: "They could have handled this a lot better."

Deputies and animal control officers can be seen on the body cam video trying to lure Zeus out of the couple’s backyard with dog food; the mastiff is not acting aggressively or threatening.

The body cam video cuts to Zeus wandering around outside his yard, after reportedly jumping the fence. The dog is not initially aggressive as deputies follow him with their guns drawn.

Eventually, the dog charges one of the deputies, and is shot six times. A deputy later fires a seventh bullet at Zeus.

Another deputy is seen on a body cam video with his Taser out, ready to use it on the dog.

“They went from step one to step five,” Lopez told KFOX. “I don’t understand. If he’s in my backyard already, why are they still provoking him to jump back out?”

The dog killing is being investigated by the Sheriff's Office Shooting Review team; the name of the deputy who shot the animal has not been released.

There were plenty of opinions on the KTSM Facebook page:

Were the officers threatened by the dog. That was not explained. If not to be so cruel to let that animal just suffer like that is unacceptable. That officer needs to go back and learn how to handle a firearm, 15 shots 4 hits and then to let the animal suffer cause he didn't kill it. What a disgrace!

This was not the officers fault this is the OWNERS fault how is anyone going to know about this dog if its friendly or not I wouldn't trust the dog I love dogs but I make sure that they can't get out and I bring them in at night.

Was looking at the news and it was a Mastiff the people said it was the wrong. They were looking for and still haven't caught it and that the English Mastiff was not aggressive enough from what the owner said in the people that lived around the neighborhood.

Sources: KFOX, KTSM, KTSM/Facebook / Photo credit: SAC Daniel Herrick via Wikimedia Commons

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