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Deputies Buy Groceries For Florida Woman With Terminal Lung Cancer

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Florida woman Diana Marchione received a lot more than she expected to after she rang the Polk County police. She told the officers about her current battle with lung cancer and the deputies brought her groceries to help out.

Marchione told police that she had been battling lung cancer for the past year and says she doesn’t have much time to live.

“They took part of my lung out last October and I went through four months of chemo—eight hour sessions,” Marchione said. “Now it’s in my chest and my spine.”

Marchione also noted that her husband had left her without any food or money.

Polk County Sheriff Deputy Brian Kelser said that from a law enforcement perspective no crimes had been committed, but that he felt it was wrong to leave Marchione without help.

Kelser reported that he and two other deputies, Gwen Clark and Maria Catello, didn’t think twice about buying groceries with their own money for Marchione.

“The deputies came and saw I had no food and out of the kindness of their heart, they went and bought me food,” Marchione said.

Marchione added that it was a gesture that made her good days outweigh the bad. To draw attention to their good deeds, Marchione contacted local news channel Bay News 9, where the story was originally reported.

The deputies' superiors said they had no idea that the kind act had occurred until Bay News 9 reported on it.

Sources: Bay News 9, iNet News Reporter


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