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Wanted Man Arrested, Then He Does Something Shocking

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A Boulder Creek, California, man reportedly escaped police custody while handcuffed and attempted to flee by running through a flooding river.

Police arrested Rollin Thunder Easley on Feb. 6 after he broke into a church in Boulder Creek. When police contacted Easley, he initially lied about his identity. However, they shortly discovered who he was and that he had a string of warrants for his arrest that included charges of second-degree felony robbery, false imprisonment and unlawful sexual intercourse, the Mercury News reports.

Authorities then handcuffed and walked Easley to a patrol car. When the officers were about to place him inside of the car, he took off and ran towards a nearby river where he jumped in to try and escape. However, Easley became trapped in an inaccessible cove a short distance away. 

Deputies rescued 22-year-old Easley from the flooding river, took him into custody and hit him with new charges of false impersonation, obstruction of a police officer, trespassing and vandalism. He was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail in lieu of $5,000. 

In a similar incident, a Philadelphia man escaped police custody after they arrested him on Jan. 13 for driving erratically and slamming his car into a police vehicle, WPVI reports.

When police put the suspect into a police cruiser, he managed to escape by kicking out the door and fleeing on foot. He escaped temporarily until police caught up with him, but locals were on edge for the entire time he was at large. 

Some locals said they weren’t surprised by the incident, while others said it made them afraid to go out into the world. 

“Nothing surprises me anymore,” one local, Dwight Wyatt, told WPVI. "Now days, everything is so crazy ... I just thank God they got him."

“It's just scary," another resident added. "You have your doors locked, everything locked, afraid to go outside. You don't go out once the sun goes down."

The suspect, who was not named, reportedly had a series of prior arrests and previous warrants.

Sources: Mercury News, WPVI / Photo credit: Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office via Mercury News

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