Depressed Woman, Tiphawan Jisathra, Feeds Self to Crocodiles

Suffering from depression, Tiphawan Jisathra fed herself to the crocodiles at a tourist attraction called the 'Crocodile Farm' in Samut Prakarn, Thailand.

She was caught on CCTV cameras entering the Crocodile Farm, which initially denied that the incident took place, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman's husband, Sunai Jisathra, said that some Crocodile Farm workers told him that a woman, matching his wife 's description, "jumped intentionally" into a crocodile pit.

Sunai Jisathra also said that he was contacted by a representative of the Crocodile Farm, who offered to make a settlement.

Sunai Jisathra added: "It was possible she had committed suicide to escape her troubles."


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