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Depressed Man Mauled By Chinese Zoo Tigers After Offering Himself As Bait (Video)

A man suffering from depression was saved by Chinese zoo keepers after he jumped into a tiger enclosure at a local zoo and offered himself as food to eat.

Yang Jinhai, 27, posted messages online saying how excited he was about starting a new job as a security guard in Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, according to the Daily Mail.

Jinhai felt the “noble and magnificent tigers” were not being allowed to follow their natural instincts to hunt and kill because they were caged.

This feeling with the fact that he found his job boring and monotonous, eventually led him to sacrifice himself.

“He climbed up the outside of the cage and jumped inside expecting, I assume, that the tigers would pounce on him,” eyewitness Feng Lin said.

“Instead the two tigers, a male and a female, seemed more nervous than anything else and the female actually ran off.

“He then tried to antagonise the tigers by pulling faces at them.

“Eventually he was attacked by the male where he was cut after being scratched and bitten before he could be rescued by zookeepers at the zoo in Chengdu, Sichuan province in south-west China, who fired a tranquilliser dart at the male tiger.”

According to Chengdu Business Daily via The Independent, nearly 50 staff members responded to the scene, using a water hose to shock the male tiger into dropping Jinhai before tranquillising both male and female tigers.

Jinhai was taken to the 416 Hospital in Chengdu and treated for light puncture wounds. He told reporters upon his release that he just “wanted to feed the tigers.”

Jinhai has since been taken to a psychiatric home for counseling.

Zoo keepers said Jinhai was lucky the Bengal tigers were more tame because they have been bred in captivity, and also weren’t too hungry.


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