This Depressed Goat Has Finally Ended His Hunger Strike (Video)

An upset goat went on a hunger strike after being seperated from his farm friend, but is finally eating again.

The goat, Mr. G, and his friend Jellybean, a donkey, were seized along with other farm animals from a southern California home this year after their owner was deemed abusive. It is believed that during this time with the abusive owner, the two animals spent a decade in a small space with little food or water.

The two buddies were taken to seperate animal shelters and when Mr. G arrived to Animal Place shelter he refused to eat or go outside for six days. Even when Mr. G was offered treats like apples or sweet grain, he refused to move.

Mr. G was given a thorough physical exam which showed him to be perfectly healthy.  However, to bring the goat out of his depression, a shelter volunteer drove 14 hours to collect Jellybean. When Mr. G heard his friend had arrived, witnesses said he "leapt to his hooves."

"Mr. G's grief was as deep and mysterious as a human's," a blog post from Animal Place reads. "His joy at reuniting with Jellybean was as beautiful and inspiring."

The two friends now share a stall at the shelter and Mr. G has begun eating again.

Sources: Yahoo, CBS


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