'Predatory Pedophile' Jailed For Years Of Rape


A 79-year-old man, described by a judge as "depraved" and "predatory," has been sent to jail for raping a girl over the course of seven years, impregnating her, and raping their child eight years later.

Gordon Dean reportedly raped a teen girl from age 13 until she turned 20.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Dean impregnated his victim when she was 20. She gave birth and, when the child was eight-years-old, he began raping her, as well, until she was 12.

The man allegedly warned his victims that "bad things would happen" to them if they told anybody about his abuse.

"You are a domineering, controlling, deviant, and depraved man," Judge David Aubrey told Dean in court. "You are a predatory pedophile."

"You took away their virginity, you took away their innocence, you took away much of their lives," the judge added. "You have scarred both of them emotionally and psychologically."

Dean initially denied any wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty, but eventually changed his plea after DNA evidence proved his guilt.

The youngest victim courageously read a statement in court detailing the trauma she had suffered as a result of four years of abuse from Dean.

"Thanks to him I've never known what it's like to be normal," she said. "I feel my childhood was stolen from me. I felt dirty and worthless, the result of sin. I thought about ending my life with a bottle of pills, but being a Christian stopped me."

The first victim said that years of abuse made her feel "ashamed, disgusted and dirty."

Dean admitted to six charges of rape, indecency with a child, indecent assault, common assault, and assault causing bodily harm, according to Mirror. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crimes, with a parole option in 10 years.

The victims first told police about the abuse in December 2015.

Sources: MirrorLiverpool Echo / Photo credit: Mirror

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