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Denver Woman Fatally Shot By Husband While On 13-Minute 911 Call

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A Denver woman was fatally shot by her husband on Monday while on the line with a 911 operator. Due to the lengthy time the woman was on the call — 13 minutes — police are currently investigating the incident to see whether or not it was properly handled. 

The woman, Kristine Kirk, became entangled in strange argument with her husband Richard Kirk. According to Fox News, the man began “talking about the end of the world and asking her to shoot him.” When she refused to follow his orders, he shot her instead. 

Neighbors of the couple suggest that the shooting was unexpected, as neither Richard Kirk nor Kristine Kirk had any evidence of a violent history.  

Richard Kirk has been held without bond in a local jail, facing first-degree murder charges. The investigation into the 911 call is routine, considering the circumstances. 

“Any time a person dies while communicating with Denver’s emergency services, we examine the circumstances to ensure that the incident was handled properly and we look for areas to improve upon,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson. 

According to 9News, a 13-minute call with 911 operators is not unusual, and the call initially came in as non-life-threatening.


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