Denver Students Protest 'Conservative Censorship' of U.S. History (Video)

Hundreds of students in the Denver, Colo., area protested a school board proposal to change U.S. history classes to promote patriotism, capitalism and obedience to authority while downplaying historical civil disobedience and social strife.

The students walked out of several schools and lined the streets with signs and banners with messages such as: “There is nothing more patriotic than protest."

Today was the second day of the student protests (video below).

“Students at my school plan to walk out of classes in protest of the Jeffco school board’s new proposed Advanced Placement U.S. History Curriculum Revision Committee which aims to teach students to become more ‘patriotic’ and less ‘rebellious’ by portraying the history of our country in a better light,” Arvada West High School student Jack Shefrin told CBS Denver.

The controversial U.S. history proposal came from school board member Julie Williams, who said, "There are things we may not be proud of as Americans, but we shouldn’t be encouraging our kids to think that America is a bad place.”

Teachers also oppose the revised history lessons, which are tied to another proposal to link their pay raises to evaluations.

"I want honesty in my classroom. Teachers want honesty in the classroom," the protesting students stated in a letter to School Superintendent Dan McMinimee, noted the Denver Post.

In response, McMinimee said, "I think you just keep trying to communicate and maybe over-communicate."

Sources: Denver Post, CBS Denver


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