Denver Police Warn Parents About Pot-Laced Halloween Candy


One of the oldest Halloween fears in the book has resurfaced – with a new twist. Instead of warning parents to look out for LSD-laced candy this Halloween or candy that contains needles or knives inside of it, police in Denver have posted a message on their official Facebook page warning parents to keep an eye out for marijuana-tainted candy.

Erika Katz explained on Fox and Friends that folks in the state, which has legalized the sale of marijuana, may be spraying ordinary candy they give out to trick-or-treaters with hash oil. Once the spray dries, it’s impossible to tell that the candy has been tainted, reports Fox News.

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This warning comes at a time when Children’s Hospital Colorado has released data pointing to an increase in the cases of children ingesting marijuana in the past three years.

“Since 2005, states that allow some form of legal marijuana have seen a 30 percent annual increase in calls to poison control centers for marijuana ingestions, relative to a 1 percent increase in non-legal states,” the hospital posted on its website.

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The police department is urging parents to inspect all candy and throw away any treat that comes in a tampered wrapper or a wrapper that features a twist opening.

Source: Fox News

Photo Credit: Juushika Redgrave/Flickr, Wikipedia


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