Denver Police Officer In Critical Condition After Being Hit By A Car During Protest


Denver protesters who were marching to show their opposition to the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict former police officer Darren Wilson reportedly cheered when a runaway car hit four police officers.

Many of the protesters were students from East High School and witnesses say some shouted, “Hit him again,” after the car crashed into officers, reports 9NEWS.

Students from the high school reportedly walked out of class Wednesday to join the protest. A driver who police say had a medical condition reportedly hit four officers, who were on bikes and attempting to block traffic at an intersection in order to protect protesters. One of the officers, John Adsit, was seriously injured and remains in critical condition, reports USA Today.

Although a spokesperson from the Denver Police Protective Association said it cannot independently confirm claims that students cheered, it released the following statement condemning it:

“These actions are not only reprehensible but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this Association has ever heard.”

The statement continued:

“If in fact there were inappropriate actions taken by a few students, Chief White does not believe this reflects the opinions of the vast majority of protesters from East High School.”

Six students who organized the walkout reportedly visited Adsit’s family Thursday and brought them cards and flowers. A spokesperson from Denver Public Schools released the following statement:

We have no knowledge of the alleged comments. We would deplore any such comments and will look into the allegation, and would welcome any evidence that would assist us in an investigation. All afternoon yesterday and all day today, students at East expressed their deep concern for Officer Adsit and his family and their appreciation for the police assistance in ensuring student safety during the march. In a very moving moment, student leaders at East today presented Denver Police Chief Robert White with flowers to give on their behalf to the officer and his family. We are deeply grateful for the work of our police force in keeping our students safe over the past two days, and our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Adsit in hopes of a full recovery. We have conveyed very strongly to our students the importance of all our students conducting themselves in a respectful and thoughtful manner and are examining certain instances over the last two days where our students did not do so.

Source: 9NEWS, USA Today/Photo Credit: KUSA, Andrew Gombert/European PressPhoto Agency


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