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Denver Police Pound Man, Trip Pregnant Woman, Refuse to Watch Video Evidence

A video of a police officer brutally punching a suspect six times was allegedly erased from a citizen's Samsung tablet by the Denver Police Department, but has recently been made public after being saved on a cloud storage device.

According to Fox 31 Denver, Officer Charles “Chris” Jones was caught on video (below) punching suspect David Flores repeatedly.

Officer Jones reportedly yelled at Flores: “Spit the drugs out! Spit the drugs out!” as Flores' head bounced off the pavement from the repeated blows.

Moments later in the video, Flores' seven-and-a-half-months pregnant girlfriend, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, was purposefully tripped by Officer Jones. Guerrero fell on her stomach.

Officer Jones claimed he thought Lazos-Guerrero was going to kick him.

The incident was recorded on Aug. 14 on a tablet belonging to Levi Frasier.

“Those were the hardest punches I have ever heard,” Frasier told Fox 31 Denver. “I’ve seen some people get punched in the ring and on TV and whatnot, but the sound of those resonating, I mean, it was scary. I’ve never heard anything louder than that and I used to cage fight for quite a while and I’ve never seen punches harder than that.”

However, once police saw Frasier with his tablet they seized the device.

“When he took it, I said: ‘Hey! You can’t do that. You need a warrant for that!’ and he said: ‘What program did you take the video with? Where is that?’” stated Frasier. “The first officer that comes up to ask me about my witness statement brings me to the police car and says, 'We could do this the easy way, or we could do this the hard way.'" notes that the video had been saved automatically on an Internet cloud device.

In his police report, Jones reportedly justified the pummeling by claiming that Flores had a bag of heroin in his mouth and another cop's arm was injured because it was trapped beneath Flores' body.

Denver Police Cmdr. Matt Murray refused to watch the video, but did say: "We would love to talk with [Frasier] if he has further information. We want that information, and if there is misconduct, we will happily investigate that and report that to the community.”

“We are not covering anything up," added Cmdr. Murray. "There is no cover up whatsoever, so let me just put that to rest. That’s irresponsible and baseless.”

After his beating, Flores was charged with resisting arrest and two felony drug crimes.

Lazos-Guerrero was charged for obstruction, drugs and child abuse because there was a child in her car when the arrest happened.

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