Denver Police Officer May Have Shoved Innocent Man Down Stairs (Video)

Denver, Colorado, Police Officer Choice Johnson was reportedly caught on video pushing a man down some stairs outside an area bar on July 26, 2014.

The video (below) of the incident has only recently surfaced and appears to contradict Johnson's version of the incident.

Deputy Director of Safety Jess Vigil ruled that Johnson violated the Denver Police Department's rules by exercising inappropriate force, reports 7News Denver.

Johnson was reportedly working off-duty but in uniform, providing security for the LoDo district bar, 1UP. He handcuffed an unidentified man who had passed out, took him outside, and called for assistance to transport the man to a detox center.

The man's brother, Brandon Schreiber, told investigators he went outside the bar and tried to convince Johnson to release his brother who was due to be married.

Words were exchanged between Schreiber and Johnson, who believed Schreiber was drunk, needed to be handcuffed and also taken to detox.

Johnson said Schreiber "pushed his chest out in a defensive manner" and stated, "Don't put your hands on me," says Vigil's disciplinary order.

The order adds, "(Schreiber) makes no threatening gestures or movements toward Officer Johnson … The (surveillance) video does not support Officer Johnson’s claim that (Schreiber) pushed his chest out in a defensive manner."

Johnson told investigators that he "thrust (Schreiber) too hard so (Schreiber) went to the ground … I didn't anticipate the thrust, him going flying," the order says.

Schreiber appears to have his hands in his pockets when he is rushed and pushed by Johnson.

After his tumble down the concrete stairs, Schreiber was arrested by Johnson and charged with resisting police and interfering with a police officer. The charges were later  dropped.

KDVR reports that Johnson was suspended for 30 days beginning on April 12, but is appealing that suspension.

Sources: 7News Denver, KDVR
Image Credit: 7News Denver Screenshot


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