Denver Police Captain Under Investigation After Shoving Incident (Video)


Denver Police Department Captain Joe Black is in hot water today after being caught on film repeatedly shoving a man during a questioning at a baseball game.

The person who uploaded the video says Black approached the man, identified only as Alex, and his friends and assumed they were drinking underage at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The video’s caption says that both Alex and his friends were of legal drinking age.

While Alex was being questioned, Capt. Black repeatedly told him to sit down. Alex didn’t want to sit, and argued that he had no legal obligation to do so. Black apparently didn’t like that response, and proceeded to repeatedly shove Alex into a chair.

That shoving prompted Alex, who, to be fair, seems thoroughly drunk, to rant to the officer about how he has done nothing wrong and is having his rights violated. Eventually, officers moved in to put Alex in handcuffs.

Both Alex and his friends remained adamant throughout the incident that Alex had done nothing wrong and was being detained without reason.

Here’s the footage:

Warning: Strong Language

The video has been watched over 120,000 times since Wednesday. The attention prompted an investigation by the Denver Police Department, which confirmed to TheBlaze that the officer in the video is Capt. Joe Black.

“The police department has been notified of the incident involving one of our officers,” a spokesperson told TheBlaze. “Our Internal Affairs Bureau is aware of the incident and is currently investigating. The officer involved is Captain Joe Black.”

Sources: YouTube, TheBlaze


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